The Most Popular Kids' Halloween Costumes For This Year

By Sarah-Alyce Ward


31 Aug 2023, 16:05:00

popular kids halloween costumes

Halloween is here and we're just as excited about it as you are! Spooky Season is all about haunting decorations, scary movies and most importantly, Halloween costumes. Choosing what to wear for Halloween can be a tough decision, especially for children who have so many options! We're going to make deciding on Halloween costumes for kids a little easier this year by giving you a rundown of our favourite kids Halloween costumes that we have on offer this season. Be prepared to be spoilt for choice...

Baby Halloween Costumes

Show us something cuter than baby Halloween costumes... We dare you! Our range of outfits has something for every mini-monster. Below you will see our Pumpkin Cutie Pie costume, an undeniably cute option for your little pumpkin this Halloween. Our Pumpkin Cutie costume is perfect for babies and toddlers and comes in sizes starting at 3 months right up to 4 years.

Next, we have our Iddy Biddy Baby Bat costume, another adorable option. This baby costume comes in sizes from 3 months to 24 months so is perfect for anyone who is both iddy and biddy. This fancy dress outfit has foot coverings and a hood, plus the wings are removable for extra comfort. We can't tell the future, however, we know this bat costume will be a hit on Halloween.

Our next baby Halloween costume is the Mini Bones Baby, which is bone-afidely adorable! This comfy baby Halloween costume is an easy-to-wear black onesie printed with a skeleton across the front, along with some colourful additions, such as cute spiders, pumpkins and a little green bowtie at the neck. A skeleton's got to be looking its best on Halloween!

Finally, we have our little Cauldron Cutie! This fancy dress is perfect for baby's first Halloween (or second and third!). The polka dot dress sits atop colourful tulle layers for an extra puffy look and the look comes with a pointy witch hat, of course! We love this baby fancy dress because of the classic Halloween colours that feature throughout, it's a green, purple, orange and black Halloween dream come true.

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Toddler Halloween Costumes

Choosing a Halloween costume with your toddler can be tricky, however, our range of toddler Halloween costumes has something for everyone - whether they're a little pumpkin or a little monster! We have Halloween outfits that will match older and younger siblings, as well as licensed costumes that your little ones know and love.

Our licensed Peppa Pig witch costume is far cuter than it is creepy. The purple and black dress is covered in magical silver stars and features a picture of Peppa also dressed up for Halloween as a witch. The outfit also comes with a gorgeous black starry witch hat, all you need to add is a broomstick, a black cat and a little magic!

If you're looking for a cute Halloween costume for your toddler then our Lil Ghost Baby is the one to get! The fa-BOO-lous white onesie has a big ghostly face on the front as well as ghostly wings attached to the sleeves. This cute ghostie is available in sizes ranging from 3 months to 6 years, making it a perfect siblings Halloween costume for your little ghouls!

Another kids' TV favourite that has brought out a Halloween edition of their fabulous costumes is Hey Duggee! The Hey Duggee Skeleton costume is easy to wear with a top and trousers and has a detachable soft hood, which is made to look like Duggee's head. Your little one can also enjoy seeing Duggee on their tummy as they look down, where he is joined by a ghostly friend!

Our final toddler Halloween costume we will be showcasing is one for the kitten lovers! This Cutie Cat costume is undeniably cute. The black velvet top has a happy cat on the chest and tops a leopard print tulle skirt. The outfit has an attached tail at the back (just like a real cat) and comes with a comfy ear headband. Purrrrrrrfect!

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Boys' Halloween Costumes

There are so many options for children's Halloween costumes, it's almost impossible to choose. We've rounded up some of the most popular boys' fancy dress for this year's Halloween so you can find something your little monster will be excited to wear come Fright Night!

Let's jump straight in with a couple of grim reapers! First up is our creepy Crypt Keeper costume with its dramatic hooded robe, torn hems, plastic rib cage and skull epaulettes. The ghoulish skull mask is made from latex with mesh eyeholes, so they can peek out eerily at their victims!

Next is our Glaring Reaper costume, this children's Halloween costume completely cloaks the wearer in a long black tattered robe. The extra-long finger gloves can wrap around their scythe or reach out eerily for candy. The best part about this costume is the mask, which has LED light-up red eyes! This chilling effect will be perfect for trick-or-treating when out in the dark evening.

Not all Halloween costumes have to be scary, sometimes we need a hero! In our licensed Black Panther costume, your child can become one of the world's most powerful superheroes. The padded jumpsuit costumes with an elasticated Black Panther mask that will really complete the transformation. The only scary thing about this fancy dress is how super they'll feel!

If you're looking for something that will be a fast favourite with your child, try our licensed The Flash costume! This iconic and instantly recognisable superhero is perfect for your kid's Halloween costume. Not only will your child look and feel great, but they will also be able to trick-or-treat around the neighbourhood in record time!

Halloween can be a great excuse for the kids to dress up as a character from their favourite movie. On a night when all the ghosts, monsters and ghouls are out and about, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Yes, that's right, your child can officially go as a Ghostbuster this Halloween. The licensed jumpsuit comes with an inflatable Proton Pack so that they can really get into character. This costume also comes in versions for both men and women, so will make a perfect family Halloween costume!

Another costume that is available for the whole family is this Storm Trooper costume. The licensed Star Wars costume has always been a popular choice for Halloween across the decades. The printed jumpsuit of the deluxe outfit comes with the iconic character mask that will confirm your child's position as an elite soldier of the Galactic Empire.

Below we have a great choice between scary and non-scary Halloween costumes for kids! Our Haha Clown Costume is anything but funny, the sinister mask has sharpened teeth in its wide grin

and crazy green hair jutting out. The dark clownish jumpsuit makes it easy to wear and comfortable for your child to run about this Halloween!

Rather than a little monster, your child could be a little dinosaur this Halloween. Better still, they could be the Jurassic world's answer to a monster... A T-Rex! In our plush kid's T-Rex costume, they can stomp and roar around the neighbourhood on trick-or-treat night.

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Halloween Costumes for Girls

Choosing between our girls' Halloween costumes is tough when there are so many good options to choose from! Below, you can find just a few of our favourites so that you can gain some Halloween costume inspiration for your little witch.

Speaking of witches, we're going to start with a couple of magical witch costumes! The first is our Be Witched child's witch costume, which lends itself to the classic purple and black colour scheme. The maxi dress has punky purple and black striped long sleeves and a matching bow on the impressively pointy hat.

Our second (of many) option is our girl's Spider Witch costume. Not only does this dress look the part of a witch on Halloween, but it also comes with a glittery spider friend that features at the neckline. The sheer sleeves add a touch of elegance to the costume and comes with it's own pointy witch's hat.

We're taking it from the land of the living to the Valley of the Dead with our next costumes. The Skeleton Reaper costume gives you something a little different to the more obvious girl's Halloween costume options. The ribcage tutu dress and leggings are paired with a ghostly netted hood and cape to add the finishing touches to this creepy costume. Simply add a scythe and some ghostly face paint and they're ready to flaunt and haunt!

You've heard of Prome Queen, how about Promie Queen? You can still attend the school dance, even if there has been a zombie apocalypse! This child's zombie costume puts the gore in gore-geous with a silver and grey tulle dress adorned with roses and comes complete with a tiara.

Now for some film favourites and what's better than a villain and a ghost for a Halloween costume? Disney's Ursula from The Little Mermaid is the ultimate Disney Villain and this licensed costume will take your child from human to sea witch! The tentacle-inspired skirt is something a little different and the costume even features Ursula's necklace in which she traps Ariel's voice.

Nobody, dead or alive, moans quite like this girl. Harry Potter's Moaning Myrtle is a great choice for your girl's Halloween costume as she's part of the Harry Potter franchise, yet she's still a little creepy! This licensed costume is all grey to give that ghostly effect and comes with a pair of specs just like Myrtle's.

Back to some classic Halloween outfits, our last two girls' fancy dress outfits are favourites for a reason. Our Dare Devil costume is perfect for any young hell-raiser, especially pre-teens and teens! This devil Halloween outfit comes with wings, devil horns headband, arm warmers, leggings, an attached tail and the dress.

 Our final girls' Halloween costume is the Irridescent Spidergirl, which is back by popular demand from last year! The wearer of this costume won't want to take it off thanks to its gorgeous sheer sleeves, spiderweb wings and glittery spider brooch.

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Sibling Halloween Costumes

There's nothing quite like costumes for siblings on Halloween, from matching outfits to coordinating costumes. Our kids' Halloween costume range includes lots of options for siblings, whether there are just two or a whole gang of brothers and sisters.

 They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're altogether ooky... The Addams Family! Back in the spotlight once again this Halloween after the hit Wednesday series, these Wednesday and Pugsley costumes are an iconic choice for siblings this year. Our licensed girls' Wednesday Addams Family dress is a classic look, the black velour buttoned dress has a white collar and white cuffs. The boys' Pugsley Addams Family licensed costume features Pugsley's typical striped t-shirt look.

If you're taking a more eco-friendly approach to Halloween this year, these recycled costumes will be a great choice for your kids. As part of our recycled fancy dress range, these neon kids' skeleton costumes are made from 100% recycled materials.

The skeleton pattern is sub-printed, meaning we don't use glitter or additional processes. Also machine washable, these siblings Halloween can be worn again and again! You can choose from the skirted skeleton costume or the full jumpsuit, which comes with a mask.

It's showtime...! Whether your kids are really little, like to wear skirts or prefer trousers, these licensed Beetlejuice costumes cover all bases! Starting with the youngest, this baby and toddler Beetlejuice romper is definitely more cute than scary.

The Beetlejuice Girl costume lets your child be the ghost with the most, the cropped jacket and skirt are a stylish take on the classic Beetlejuice suit. Turn on the juice and let's see what comes loose with the Beetlejuice Child costume, perfect for older boys or girls. The striped suit is just like the costume from the movie, just add pale make-up and dark eye circles... Don't forget the say "Beetlejuice" three times!

Finally, we have our licensed Harry Potter range! These classic fancy dress costumes are a firm favourite with siblings at Halloween. The range includes Harry Potter and Hermione costumes, plus lots of other Harry Potter character costumes for the whole family! You can find out more about family Harry Potter costume ideas in our blog here.

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