What's On Your Phone? Hen Party Game

By Laura Maclean


30 Apr 2018, 08:00:00

Printable What's On Your Phone Hen Party Game

Aha, the dreaded question… What’s on your phone?

This fun hen party game is a great ice breaker that’s bound to get lots of laughs… And reveal who’s the selfie queen in the group!

Read on to download our free printables but remember, no cheating! To win you must display each item as proof!

What’s on your phone?

What you need

Free printable hen party game called "What's on your phone?"

How to play

Start by giving each player a printable answer sheet and ask them to get their phones out.

Then go through the list and tick off anything you can find on your own phone.

The player with the most points wins but there must be no cheating! Before the winner is declared, they must be able to display each item as proof!

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