Eurovision Party Games

By Laura Maclean


4 Apr 2016, 08:00:00

Eurovision Party Games

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest final is taking place in Liverpool on 13th May 2023 and if you’re getting a group of friends together to watch it, some Eurovision party games are essential! They’re a fun way to make the contest more interesting or pass the time during the long voting process. So whether you love Eurovision or love to hate it, take a look at our suggestions for the best Eurovision games to play during the show.

Best games to play during Eurovision

Eurovision bingo

Eurovision is known for a few certain things – crazy singers, political voting and funny comments from Graham Norton – and that’s what makes Eurovision bingo so much fun!

It’s really easy to find free Eurovision bingo cards online (Pinterest is a great place to look) and all you need to do is print them out before the show and have some prizes ready for the winners!

Who am I?

Put your knowledge of previous winners to the test with a Eurovision game of ‘Who Am I?’ All you’ll need is some post-it notes and a pen to write down the name of a famous Eurovision figure. Each player gets a note stuck to their forehead, so they don't see who they are, and you all get 20 questions to try to guess who it is. This is a fun game to play during the adverts or during the long voting process!

Hold a sweepstake

This takes a little bit of organisation before the party. Start by writing a list of all the countries taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest, cut them out and fold them. Put all the countries into a big bowl and each guest pays £1 to pick a country.

Whoever they pick, that’s who they’ll be supporting and whoever’s country wins will win all the money collected in the sweepstake. It’s a fun way to add some more excitement to the show!

Guess the year

Think you know your ABBA from your Sam Ryder? Test your Eurovision knowledge with a fun game of Guess the Year. Simply nominate one person to be the quiz master, name a song or a famous contestant and your guests have to guess what year they were in the Eurovision Song Contest!

Guess the song

This Eurovision Song Contest game is much like the music round of a pub quiz. Play the first 20 seconds of a famous Eurovision song and your guests get points or prizes for guessing what it is!


Don’t just leave the singing to the contestants! Karaoke is always a laugh and you’ll be surprised how eager everyone will be to have a go once they’ve had a few drinks!

You don’t have to sing Eurovision songs – anything goes!

And there you have it – loads of fun Eurovision party games to play during this year’s song contest! Head over to Party Delights to pick up everything you need for your Eurovision party or stay on the blog for even more fun Eurovision ideas.