How to Do a Halloween Costume Competition

By Laura Maclean


3 Oct 2016, 13:58:00

DIY Halloween Costume Competition Rosettes

What would a Halloween party be without a costume contest?

One of our favourite Halloween traditions, today we’re here to help you plan a winning Halloween costume competition complete with great categories and prizes.

Read on for inspiration and to find out how to make our DIY award rosettes!

What you need

How to hold a Halloween costume competition

First things first, make sure everyone knows about your costume contest in advance! Letting your guests know about it a couple of weeks in advance will make them extra competitive and give them plenty of time to plan an amazing costume. You can leave it open to personal choice or set a theme like horror movie fancy dress.

Next, you’ll need to nominate a couple of *impartial* judges and choose the categories that prizes will be awarded for. You can have as many winners and prize categories as you like; here are a couple of suggestions to get you started.

Good Halloween costume competition categories

  • Best costume
  • Worst costume
  • Best DIY costume
  • Best couple’s costume
  • Best group costume
  • Least recognisable
  • Most original
  • Funniest costume
  • Best last-minute costume

Once you’ve chosen a couple of costume contest categories, it’s time to sort out the prizes for the winners. The prizes don’t have to be anything big – we’d suggest a selection of Halloween sweets and chocolates. But if you fancy getting creative, have a go at making our spooky DIY award rosettes!

How to make DIY award rosettes for your costume contest

Our Halloween award rosettes are super easy to make with our free printables – and they add a unique touch to your costume contest. Read our step-by-step tutorial to find out how to put yours together.

What you need

Step 1: Download our free printables and cut them out.

Step 2: Next, take both yellow strips and fold them into a concertina fold.

When you’re done, they should look like this:

Step 3: Stick the folded yellow strips together to make a loop.

Step 4: Turn the folded loop of paper inside out and stick on the large circle with the name of the award. This is where you’ll see your costume competition rosettes taking shape!

It’s a good idea to weigh it down with something heavy while it dries.

Step 5: Turn your rosette over and stick the larger of the small circles on the back. You’ll see why this is important in a minute.

Step 6: Stick the two black ribbons on the back.

Step 7: Thread the small circular piece of paper through the safety pin and stick it down onto the larger black circle. This will keep it in place on the back of the rosette.

And voilà – your Halloween costume competition rosettes are finished and ready for your Halloween party!

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