How to Play the Santa Hat Game

By Laura Maclean


9 Dec 2016, 07:00:00

How to Play the Santa Hat Game

Last year we discovered a hilarious Christmas party game called the Santa hat game!


Perfect for Christmas parties at home or festivities at work or school (we played it in the office!), read on to find out how to play!

What you need

How to play

  1. Before you start the Santa hat game, cut out a small piece of paper for each player and write “you’re it” on one of them. Then fold up each piece of paper and put them all in a bowl.
  2. Next, each player picks a piece of paper out of the bowl and looks at it (without showing it to anyone else).
  3. Whoever has the piece of paper saying “you’re it” has the most important role. When they take their hat off, everyone else must take them off as quickly as possible. And whoever’s last loses. But if you’re “it”, don’t take your hat off straight away. This game’s funnier if it lasts a long time!
  4. Once everyone has a piece of paper, the game can begin! Simply carry on with the party (or if you’re in the office, carry on with your work) and watch the tension build as everyone waits for someone to take their hat off! This is the funniest part of the Santa hat game as everyone starts speculating who’s “it”!
  5. As time passes, people will forget about the game until the first person finally takes their Santa hat off and the other hats gradually come off. And one unsuspecting person is left wearing their hat!

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